Great deal to see the SPCO

As you may have noticed, I like the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Of the arts organizations that I frequent in the Twin Cities, I attend more SPCO concerts than any other with a subscription to 3 different venues for a total of 26 concerts this season. Although with some additions, I might hit 30.

One reason is the connection that I feel with the orchestra, read my other post to understand what I mean.

But the other reason is that it is so affordable. I do not pay more than $11 for any of my tickets, and I like all of my seats. The chamber series is general admission, but I usually get to sit in the front row.

Well if you are between 20-39, you can get great seats, many that would be considered better than mine, for only $10 a ticket with their new Club2030 program. This is how it works, for any concert at the Ordway you can get 2 seats for $10 each in best seats available (for tickets that could cost up to $59).

  • You have to register, which puts you in drawing for some prizes.
  • You have to order on-line. There is no service charge (yeah)!
  • You can order the tickets in advance, but you must pick them up on site the day of the concert.
  • You must show your id with DOB verifying that you are 20-39 years old. If you buy two tickets, only one person must be in that age range.
  • There are no refunds.

Personally I think this is a great deal and encourage people to take advantage of it. The neighborhood series tickets are $25 or $10 which are a great deal too.



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