Great deal on speakers

I have been reading Don Lindich’s columns in the Star and Tribune for years.  This week he highlights a great deal on speakers from Best Buy.  These are the Insignia NS-B2111, which normally cost $87.98, but this week are on sale for $49.98.

Now you may be wondering speakers from Insignia, the store brand for Best Buy, what are these guys smoking?  I bought a pair when they were on sale this fall, but not at this low a price, and I am really liking them.  Can I get better, sure, but for the price they are of very good quality.  Read Don’s review here.

It is good news, indeed. When I cued my first LP and heard the music begin playing, I immediately knew my friend was not exaggerating. These speakers sound great! Running through my favorite LPs, CDs, and DVDs continued to tell the tale. Tthe NS-B2111s have the archetypical “good sound” that satisfies. Specifically, there are crisp and clean with a touch of midrange warmth, and solid, satisfying bass response… the kind of bass response typically found in $400+ bookshelf speakers.

Like I said earlier, I bought a pair on the basis of his review and I have enjoyed them.  I recommend checking out Don’s blog.  He clearly knows his stuff without being some high end snob.  I mean if someone is going to recommend store band speakers from Best Buy at $50, as well as the other speakers you have never heard of, like Ohm, Axiom, and Magnepan, clearly he is about helping you get the best sound to fit your budget.  One thing I respect him for is that he lists affiliates and non-affiliates on his recommend retailer’s page.  So unlike some other sites that will recommend sites, but only those they can make money off of traffic from the links, Don is looking out for you the consumer.

I like his take on the exotic cables (Monster anyone?), Bose, and Blu Ray.  I think it is important that he challenges the importance of Monster (monoprice is the best alternative, I have used them 3 times and learned of them from Sound Advice columns) cables and Bose’s refusal to release the specs on their speakers.

I have e-mailed Don a couple of times with questions, and he is usually pretty responsive and down right nice.  So Don, thanks for the work you do to help us average folks get great sound, video and cameras!



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