Great deal on receiver

Tonight I was cruising the internet and I discovered a steal of a deal on an Onkyo A/V, 5.1 receiver, 5×65 watts, the TX-SR304. I have the big version of this, the TX-SR601 which I really like.

In my post the other day on speakers, I talked about Don Lindich’s blog Sound Advice and his advice on the Best Buy Insignia NS-B2111 speakers. Well this is what Don wrote about the TX-SR304 when he highlighted it at $119 this past September.

I’ve long loved Onkyo’s line of surround sound receivers, especially their inexpensive models, which I find to be the best in their class. Their digital sections offer sweet, natural sound from sources such as DVDs and CDs and have clean, strong amplifiers that match well with most any speaker. At you can now buy the TX-SR304 receiver refurbished with warranty for only $119!

Here is where it gets better, the club price at is currently $99 for a refurbished model. But wait, there’s more! Until December 26, 2007, all refurbished models are an additional 10% off, and shipping is free, so only $89.10.

I have shopped from before, the product arrives fast, 2 days via Fedex ground to Minneapolis from Elk Grove IL. Plus with you get credit for future purchases at 5% of the value of your purchase.

TX SR-505 A/V, 7.1 channel, 7×75 watt receiver is also a really good deal, $149 refurbished, which would be $ 134.10 with the additional 10%.

Remember you need to join to see these low prices.

I do not get any money from Onkyo or Sound Advice, I am just trying to help extend the good advice that I get from that blog.



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