January 5th, GOP debate

I watched the debate and it was a bit painful.  Because of that, I didn’t watch it carefully through out.

On Iraq, I liked Ron Paul the best, and the other 5 attacked on his positions.  In fact they were falling over themselves trying to counter Paul’s points.

On health care, Romney has been the best in what little I have seen in the past, and started out the segment as the closest GOP candidate on the issue to me.  However, when McCain started to attack drug companies, Romney came to their defense and he lost me.

In a previous debate Romney had done a great job  challenging Giuliani who offered tax credits to help low income families, saying that credits will not help those without tax liability.  But ultimately every one has faith not just in a Christian God, but also in the supremacy of the free market as the solution to health care.  Needless to say, I think that is a bunch of crap.

On energy, there was some interesting insight.  McCain talked about how our imported oil funnels money to terrorists.  Paul made I think what was the greatest point in that the cost of a barrel of oil has gone up higher in the US then in the European Union because of the falling value of the US dollar, this shows external influences on the American’s cost of oil, other than the market of supply and demand.

I think it was Thompson who mentioned the lack of new refineries in the past 30 years as an issue, but he didn’t mention the fact that it was collusion by oil companies in the 1990s who were unhappy with the profits from that sector.  I still think that the artificial bottleneck that is the under-capacity of refinery is what has driven the gasoline prices skyhigh.

Those are the things that I found interesting in the GOP debate.  I still can’t see myself voting for anyone of them.



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