More time warps

There is a pretty noxious bill in the house, H. Res. 888 (16 page pdf) American Religious History Week, right now. I was starting to look at it and may post more after I look through the whole 16 pages, but in light of my last post on Bush and his 14 years = right before, I thought I would comment on this one Whereas.

Whereas in 1870, the Federal government made Christmas (a recognition of the birth of Christ, an event described by the U.S. Supreme Court as ‘‘acknowledged in the Western World for 20 centuries, and in this country by the people, the Executive Branch, Congress, and the courts for 2 centuries’’) and Thanksgiving as official holidays;

So 1870 A.D. that would 1,870 years or just short of 19 centuries. Even if they were off in which year Jesus was born, they weren’t off by 130 years or the 20 centuries in this Whereas.

Come on don’t they teach math to Republicans, or how to tell time?



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