Another winning letter to the editor in the Strib

Saturday brought us another special letter to the editor.

False feeling of safety

So churches can legally ban guns (Star Tribune, Feb. 6). Who cares? This is just evidence of a lack of common sense. Bans and signs only make the innocent more vulnerable. Evidently, the occasional criminal tends to ignore these bans and signs, again and again.


While, Mr. Silus has a point, that if someone wanted to come and shoot a lot of people, they wouldn’t pay attention to the sign.  So that church goers not packing heat increases the danger if a shooter comes in a blazing because they can’t put the shooter down themselves.

What I suspect is that what we have here are contradictory libertarian points of view.  The right to carry guns, to protect oneself any where you go, versus the right of property owners, the church, to limit what visitors may bring on their property.  This is one instance where I am very supportive of the property rights crowd.

When you think of religious buildings as a sanctuary, then you see that their win is even more important than Mr. Silus’ criticism as they are staying true to their core beliefs.



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