Lies on the comic pages

If you ever have endured reading Mallard Fillmore, the conservative comic, then this cartoon won’t come as a surprise to you.

Mallard Fillmore

The lie, and it is a big one, which could have been changed to the truth, had he included one word, that word is income before taxes.

The rebate could conceivably go to some people who don’t pay any taxes, but I really doubt it, and if someone can document that person, I will issue an apology.

See folks pays lots of taxes. We pay sales tax, we pay taxes on our utilities, we pay property taxes, we pay payroll taxes and the list goes on. While it is true these aren’t federal income taxes, they are taxes that most people pay.

And as previous post of mine about different types of economic stimulus showed, the bang for the buck with rebates everyone is more effective $1.26 when applied to everyone rather than just to those that pay federal income tax $1.02 (both amounts per $1 spent).

But Mr. Tinsley doesn’t really care about the effect of a stimulus package, he is more concerned with pushing his conservative view point. The issue to them is that income taxes are too high, and too progressive so that rich people pay more (as a percentage) than poor people. And that poor people, which is those that have no federal income tax liability, get enough handouts through social services, shouldn’t be allowed to get any support from the rebate program.

That makes some sense, if you decide that remaining ignorant is how you wish to travel through life. See, for those people with no federal income tax, but who work, they still pay payroll taxes, which is 7.65% out of their paycheck. This money goes to the Social Security Administration (SSA), and currently SSA is running a surplus which the federal government borrows against. So in reality for those paying payroll taxes, they are contributing to the funding of these rebates.

If you have heard of the phrase, “drinking the Kool-Aid” that is about those who will take this comic to heart and buy into the ignorance Mr. Tinsley is peddling. So Mr. Tinsley, and much of punditry, are who I call the “folks running the Kool-Aid stand”. He is distributing the Kool-Aid to folks. But some has to make the Kool-Aid crystals, and that is usually the right wing think tanks.

I think a much more fun way to look at this, is to check out the last panel from Get Fuzzy on the same day.

Get Fuzzy



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  1. dib said,

    February 15, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Oh, but you have to admit that Mr. Mallard Fillmore’s comments and skewerings regarding the U.S. Postal Service are not only witty and hi-larious, but also a keen example of contemporary observation and satirical illustration of the all of the problems and ailments we see with our government today and the influence of the ideals embedded in the Democrat Party.
    Why, if the U.S. Postal Service operated more like today’s G.O.P. Republican Party … it’d be a finely tuned operation sponsored by the wealthiest Americans, and ideal large corporations, bringing only the highest quality service and standards to the American public. Probably free of charge, too! It’d help make government stronger, more efficient, smaller, responsible and it would only support and foster the highest of ethical standards. And we wouldn’t have to raise taxes.
    And if you don’t believe me, and everything that the irreproachable Republican Party (the first and last bastion of the highest moral and ethical standards, along with God and Jesus Christ) has worked so hard to condense down to easy to digest bumper-sticker slogans, then you must be drinking some kind of Kool-Aid.
    Mmmm, Kool-Aid.

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