The honeymoon is over, the right wing echo chamber takes the gloves off on Obama

If you watched the Sunday news shows in the past few weeks, especially pre-Super Tuesday, the right wing pundits were falling over themselves to see which one could defend Obama from Clinton’s political tactics. That has now ended, with the “proud of America” or “really proud of America” controversy.

I would suggest you start by looking at this clip on youtube which seems to show two different speeches, one with “really” the other without it.

Now if it is true she had a speech in which she didn’t say “really” (which I believe is very possible) then why do we see clips like this where you can read her lips (George HW Bush deja vu) and the beginning “rr” sound but the full word “really” was edited out in the audio.

It is the edited audio in the second clip that is the point here, these sorts of attacks are just beginning. Hopefully MSM will point out the distortions, not continue the right wing echo chamber like they did with the Swift Boat crap in 2004.



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