Great deals on DVDs

I like good deals.  In fact today, I picked up Season 6 of Smallville for $23.99 at Target.  Unlike Lost, which I haven’t seen big discounts on, I knew that Smallville would eventually drop in price, so I waited  Although I think the studios are wising up to me, as more often we see all but the newest season on sale.  I really hate that.  I think the Simpsons started that trend.

Anyway, I usually check out the Sunday ads for Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target for deals on DVDs.

Today the folks that run TV Shows on DVD have created a web page and RSS feed to track updates of sales of at Amazon for TV shows on DVD.  I like the information that they get and the provide for free.  And this new web page is great in its display of the information.  Alpha sorted, grouped by shows, listing of MSRP, discount, and sale price.  My one criticism with them is that they only track sales that are tied to them making money.  So if there is an amazing deal at some of the Big Boxes I mentioned, you won’t see it on their site.

Now is that a fair criticism?  Well, when I compare it with Don Lindich’s Soundadvice blog, I think it is.  He has recommended retailers that he will make money off of, but he also has many listed that he won’t.  So to me, this displays a purity in Don goal of helping us readers and consumers find good deals regardless of financial gain opportunities.  For example, today he has a deal finder for Polk R50 Tower speakers for $59.99 each down from $199.99 each, for the math challenged that is a reduction in price of 70%.  I am not 100% certain that he won’t financially gain from this, but I will put it at 98% certain.

On a side note, Don also has a new web page called, that looks similar to his blog.  It is a huge glossary/dictionary of audio, visual and photography terms.  He is still putting information up.



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