Ready for some self torture?

Well then read the infamous torture memo, all 5o pages of it (pdf).

The obvious joke with this memo, is that Alberto Gonzalez doesn’t remember getting it!

But looking at the the introduction of this, it is clear that the Bush administration was looking to see how far they could go with torture.  And by asking for a memo from  the Department of Justice, trying to establish a get out of jail free card.

I am not going into the whole memo, remember 50 pages, and not just 50 page, but 50 pages of legalese and precedent.  This is why people don’t like lawyers, well that and the cost.

I do find it interesting that starting on pages 27-31 they are looking at international decisions.  I couldn’t find it on the web, but I thought death penalty supporters were ticked off when the Supreme Court ruled, based on international opinion, on ending the death penalty for juveniles or the mentally retarded (different decisions).

Page 31-46 includes the justification, or legal reasoning (tortured or otherwise), for the unitary executive concept.  My show tunes translation, “Anything you can do, I can do better,” well not a great translation, I just wanted to throw it in.  What it really means is that war gives the president licenses to do just about anything he wants.  That this constitution jujitsu will allow the president to decide that something he does is right, because the constitution allows him because he is the commander in chief.

So if you are ready for some self torture, go take a look.



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