Way to go Minnesota Senate!

The Minnesota Senate has voted down a $2 million study to replace the HHH dome for the Vikings.

At a time when the state is facing a large deficit, and cutting social services funding, this is not the time, although, I don’t think any time is good, to look at how to subsidized Zygi Wilf’s ownership of the Vikings.

Under the Vikings’ plan, public funding would be needed to pay for three-quarters of a $954 million stadium; the balance would come from the team and the National Football League.

Take your blackmail and extortion some place else. We need to work on supporting our society, not levying taxes to pay multi-millionaires.

Question to ask yourself, how many home games can the Vikings play in a year. My count is 13 maximum, no more than 3 exhibition, 8 regular season, and no more than 2 post season games. While not a fan of the public financing of the Twins stadium, they at least have 80 home games in a season.


UPDATE: One final thought, doesn’t it seem perverse that the state would pay for a study on issue whose result is 99.99% likely to recommend that the state spend more money.


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