Want deals, get on e-mail lists

As I have previously mentioned, Club 2030 with the SPCO is a great deal. SPCO is not the only good deal in town and I will list a few more.

If you know of other good ones, post them in the comment section.

Last night I had a 2 for 1 offer from Dakota to see the Somi who isn’t well known. They are trying to fill the house.

Tuesday, Landmark Theater had a free preview offer for Young @ Heart for Wednesday.

I saw the Dale Barltrop recital as part of the Club 2030 program and have had offer for 2 for 1, not often, through the general e-mail program for SPCO.

Guthrie will often give you discounts for mid week shows.

Riverview Theater doesn’t really have deals, unless you count it a deal every time you go like I do. But if you like the theater, which I do a lot, then it is great way to get information about upcoming schedule. They also use it to ask for advice on things like showing Tour de France and World Cup, or to let you buy their old seats (last December) as they replaced them (new ones are nice).

So if you like good deals, get on these lists. I am on all of them so I speak from experience.



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