Have a frosty on Father’s Day and help foster children find a family

Today is Father’s day and I would like to recognize the thousands of single men that choose become single father’s each year, providing not just a home, but a family, to children in the US foster care system.

Many people think about adoption and think of infants or of adopting internationally. They don’t always think about older children. My friend Anthony sent me this PSA this past week, I think it is pretty powerful.

Last year I remember talking to single man that took placement of a 17 year old into his home to adopt him. According to the federal government 1,496 children were adopted between 0ctober 1, 2005 and September 30, 2006 (most recent data) by single men.

This weekend the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) is going to receive 50 cents for every frosty purchased (most restaurants are participating) yesterday and today (this isn’t the first year, so remember next year) in the US and 1 dollar in Canada.

The PSAs that DTFA has done about waiting children have focused on older kids and sibling groups, and with their shift into recruitment with their Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program.

So in honor of the thousands of single men who have become a father through adoption, that have provided a family to a child or youth that may have otherwise aged out of the foster care system, have a frosty and support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s efforts to recruit families in any shape or form for children who are still waiting for a family!


Disclosure: Of the programs I assist at work, one is largely funded by DTFA and I have many friends that are recruiters for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids.


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