When will Iraq and Afghanistan have their Independence Day?

July 4, 1776 is what we recognize and celebrate as the beginning of Independence from British colonial rule.

Many people will spend today talking about how great America is, how we have exported the concept of democracy and self-rule across the world.  Basically a American exceptionalism that America is the greatest.

But as an occupying force in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a nation that is interfering with the self-rule, the self determination in these countries, can we really, honestly claim that mantle of exporters of democracy.

Now for those who have blind faith in American Exceptionalism you may say I am traitor, you may suggest that I leave the country, and I disagree with both of those quite strongly.

This is my response to those that say, “if you don’t like America, then why don’t you leave.”  Well first, I am not a coward, I don’t give up on that which I love, I stand by it.  If you had a brother that was into drugs, would you abandon your brother, or would you work to help you brother get past this self-destructive behavior and get better?  I would, and for America, I will stand by and work to make the country a better place.

So let’s get to work to helping Afghanistan and Iraq become independent of our foreign influence, so that they can have a day, like we have today, to celebrate.



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