John McCain disses American families

On This Week this morning, he came out for (because he can’t come out against gay adoption) two parent (traditional=man and woman vs same sex) adoption.

So to the well over 100,000 children who have been adopted by single parents, apparently your parent and your family doesn’t fit his world view of what is best, I think it is an insult.

Of course that doesn’t count the over 20,000 children a year that “age out” of the foster care system.  These are children that exit foster care without parents, they may not have a place to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas, may not have an adult to call and share their successes or have a sympathetic ear when they struggle, or someone to be there when on their wedding day or birth of their child.

Apparently he is no maverick on this issue.



1 Comment

  1. Kurt said,

    July 27, 2008 at 11:49 am

    In McCain’s twisted world there would be no abortions and only a man/woman team can adopt. That will leave hundreds of millions of babies out of luck.

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