Obama’s European Tour

So Barack Obama went to Europe.  He had a huge crowd in Germany, reported at over 200,000 and he was warmly welcomed by Nicolas Sarkozy the pro American French President.

So the right wing pundits, in creating their echo chamber for the Sunday morning shows have a couple of talking points that they are hammering home, personally I think these things get refined and uploaded to their brain on Sunday at 4 AM.

Anyway, regarding Berlin they started by complaining that he isn’t president and hasn’t earned the right to speak at Brandenberg Gate with his work.  Which are supported by Chancellor Merkel’s comments about it as symbol of unity and foreign electioneering.  But now the focus is who cares about 200,000 Germans as they can’t vote.  They do forget that he has been able to draw huge crowds in the US, much larger than McCain, but that would take some wind out of their complaint/misdirection.

What I find more interesting is Sarkozy’s comments that seem to favor Obama over McCain.  As I asked yesterday in my question of day, I have a feeling that the right wing punditry in America is going to flip-flop and withdraw their support of Sarkozy because of his embrace of candidate Obama.



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