Will Conservatives please keep their eye on the ball

I checked out this front page story of the Business Section of the Washington Post because of a Dean Baker blog.  Baker is convinced that the entitlement scare, or what I call the Social Security Bogeyman, is one of the Washington Post’s roles, and I think he is on to something.

In reading the article, they focus heavily on David Walker’s (formerly of the GAO) work, their movie star.

“I.O.U.S.A.” offers up as its action hero David M. Walker, former head of the Government Accountability Office. With movie-star looks that scream “accountant” rather than “Terminator,” Walker has been the Cassandra — or Chicken Little — of America’s growing deficit for some time. Last August, he compared the United States to the final days of ancient Rome, which he said was militarily overextended and fiscally irresponsible. Since 2005, Walker has been traveling the country on the catchy-sounding “fiscal wake-up tour,” preaching his apocalyptic message to half-empty rooms, at least at the start. The tour picked up steam after Walker’s message was featured in a “60 Minutes” piece in March 2007.

But if you look at his power point presentation, which I have in a previous blog, it shows that the real problem is Medicare and Medicaid, here it is again:

Of this $52.7 trillion that we are supposed to be very scared by, 64.7% is in health care.  If the Washington Post or David Walker wanted to have a serious discussion about the long term economic health of America, they would focus on Health Care Reform to get our costs under control.  That is where the bulk of our problems lie.  It is much easier to deal with this problem if you take the different pieces separately.  With health care the clear winner of this whole problem then that should be dealt with first.



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