Plenty of Kool-Aid in the X-cel Energy Center

I watched Laura and George Bush, Fred Thompson and some of Joe Lieberman give speeches at the RNC last night.   Besides making feel a little ill, the general impression was that the attendees have drank the Kool-Aid.  Granted, while I didn’t see much of the DNC, I probably would have that same impression of those attendees to that too.

These conventions seem a little too much of the true believers, the protesters on the outside notwithstanding.  It is like the national fervor that takes over during the Olympics with the chants of U-S-A.

Probably the thing that bugs me the most is the ending with God Bless America.  Not because they mention God, I am not militant atheist, but the idea of American exceptionalism and that God only blesses one country – America.  How about God blesses the whole world, or humanity, not just America.

I guess when you look at America’s military adventurism, like the illegal invasion of Iraq, you could make the case for our exceptionalism as we really haven’t paid a price in the international courts or the UN.  Although the price that we have paid in the occupied countries do give lie to the exceptionalism, well maybe exceptional foolishness.

Okay that got a bit off track, but considering the military and foreign policy focus of last nights speeches, it is close enough.  I will excuse myself for now.



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