Alaskan Politicians – science is not their friend

You may remember Senator Ted Stevens and his Internet Tubes, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It’s not a truck, but in case you forgot, here it is:

You can read a transcript of it on a Wired blog here.

Well now Sarah Palin in calling for export bans, you have her talking about the inability to flag molecules.

Here is the transcript copied from Kevin Drum’s blog.

“Of course, it’s a fungible commodity and they don’t flag, you know, the molecules, where it’s going and where it’s not. But in the sense of the Congress today, they know that there are very, very hungry domestic markets that need that oil first. So, I believe that what Congress is going to do also, is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans who get stuck holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here. It’s got to flow into our domestic markets first.”

According to Wikipedia a molecule is:

In chemistry, a molecule is defined as a sufficiently stable electrically neutral group of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement held together by very strong chemical bonds. It can also be defined as a unit of two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure no one can, nor would, track where oil molecules are going.

Going beyond the molecule trackers, the answer is pretty muddled.  Definitely not sounding like an expert on energy to me.

If you want to read further about will an export ban on Alaska oil work, the Seattle Times has a great article on this topic back in 2005.


Apparently John McCain is aware that the internet is not a series of tubes, but in his appearance on the Daily Show confesses he does not want to disillusion Ted Stevens.

So if you are embarrassingly wrong and foolish, John McCain will leave you hanging.  He is kind of lucky that Joe Lieberman has his back on the Sunni-Shia regarding Iran and al Qaeda confusion.



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