Breaking news…

…Republican talking points received before Sunday morning talk shows.  The earliest Sunday morning talk show (at least in the Twin Cities) is Fox News Sunday.  So far there have been two 15 minute segments before the roundtable format.  In each there is a Republican and Democrat operative.  The new talking point for Republicans is the need to have President be from a different party than the one that controls both houses of Congress.

Hmmm…where was that in 2004?  Republicans controlled both houses coming into  2004 elections, but that didn’t bother them one bit.  What is really at play is that the hate doesn’t work, it is alienating the independent voters that McCain and Obama need to win this election.  I tried looking for the data, but can’t locate it – that said that independents, or moderates, prefer to split the ticket so that one party doesn’t control both houses of Congress and the presidency, but there was polling that supported that.  And I think the McCain is shifting to this strategy that will appeal to moderates more than the hate.

The problem with this shift is that it continues to make him look erratic (yes, I got the Liberal talking points).  His campaign strategy looks like a pinball, the question is when is it going to tilt and the game will be over??

A little history on 2004 election cycle.  According to Wikipedia, in the House of Representatives approaching the elections that Republicans had 227 seats plus 2 vacancies, the Democrats had 205 seats plus and 1 independent that caucused with the Democrats, so effectively 229 Republicans to 206 Democrats.

In the Senate, also according to Wikipedia, approaching the elections Republicans held 51 Senate seats, Democrate 48 seats plus 1 Independent that caucused with the Democrats.  So effectively 51 Republicans to 49 Democrats.

Sure doesn’t lead one to believe their sincerity pushing Americans to have a split control of the legislative and executive branches.



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