A real challenge for Barack Obama

NOW on PBS is one of the better news shows.  They had a great segment this week on the vote in Virginia which is in play this year, not solidly in the Republican column on election night.  And it isn’t just the growing DC suburbs, you know the communist part of Virginia, but disillusioned Republican voters (0:00 to 3:00), and even military families who given more to Obama than McCain in donations (12:45 to 14:50).

But even with all of that, one of the hurdles is deeply faithful people like Tracy from 8:25 to 10:05 of this video.  Make sure to watch her eyes as she makes her points.  This is the kind of total faith, and intolerance that scares the hell out of me.  She has a problem with atheists and Muslims, she has a problem Obama’s name.

Hopefully her husband Sean (6:10 to 8:25 of the video) will make what I consider to be a more rational choice about what is best for him and his children.



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