John McCain on Fox News Sunday – October 19, 2008

I am watching Fox News Sunday this morning.

John McCain said that Barack Obama is the most eloquent politician he has ever known.  Take that Ronald Reagan!

Chris Wallace did a nice job of challenging John McCain on the issue of public financing.  McCain complained about Obama’s opting out of public financing for the first time since Watergate.  He also complained about the non-disclosure of small donations.  Wallace challenged McCain on whether Obama is doing anything wrong?  McCain said that large amounts of money corrupt, but no, nothing wrong.  He did allude to multiple small donations which may be problematic.  But in terms of the going back on his word on taking public finance, McCain is far from innocent, because in the primaries he did his best Hokey Pokey imitation on public financing.

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama.  McCain counters with four Secretaries of State.

McCain defends Joe the Plumber by saying that people shouldn’t be investigated for asking a candidate a question.  First of all, Joe asked a question that was reported on television, the question had a political agenda since it was about a future that doesn’t look to be to close for Joe.  And it was McCain’s obsessive focus on Joe in the final debate that brought the media scrutiny.  Wallace made the point that it was the media.

Wallace challenges McCain’s use of robo-calls, which in the past he derided and even stated he would never use.  Wallace also points out that Senator Collins has asked McCain to end the calls.  McCain’s response is that the statement is true and it doesn’t sound like he will cancel them.

Wallace challenges McCain on the issue of calling refundable income tax credits, when he is proposing a refundable tax credit for health care.

I don’t know that I would describe Sarah Palin in terms of arousing enthusiasm in America when there are criticisms about her attractiveness as being one of her few positive attributes.

In general I would say Wallace did a decent job of challenging McCain on real issues, so kudos to him.


Update:  Bill Kristol describes a tax cut that would help Joe the Plumber right now as a handout.  So tax cuts are handouts when they are not structured to your liking.


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