NBC’s presidential election coverage

I am not very happy with a couple parts of the coverage.

Brian Williams asked both Governor David Paterson and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani about whether or not Barack Obama would be up to the task of handling the economic crisis.  They didn’t ask if John Sidney McCain was up to it, maybe accepting that Obama had already won, but wouldn’t that be a better question to ask during the campaign, not after polls had closed?

I mean could this be, oh crap – we didn’t think of that, can we get our vote back?  Personally if I were Paterson I would have started with I think Obama is better prepared to handle the economic uncertainty than McCain is.

The other thing that pissed me off, and pissed me off a lot, was comments or lack of comments about people with disabilities.  When introducing Governor Paterson, Brian Williams pointed out that he was the first African-American governor of New York, but he didn’t mention that he is the first legally blind governor ever in the United States.

Then when discussing the re-election of Tim Johnson as Senator from South Dakota.  They talked about the medical problems he had during this last session of Congress, and how he is still very intelligent, but two of the commentors (one was Tom Brokaw) pointed out that he needs assistance walking.  Who the hell cares, and why the fuck does it matter?  After all former Georgia Senator Max Cleland was triple amputee and was in a wheelchair.  That didn’t seem to hinder his ability to serve.  Plus clearly the majority of South Dakota voters think that Tim Johnson should continue to represent them in the Senate.

It is really discouraging to see the NBC political team not highlight the great accomplishments of folks that face a little more physical challenges, but clearly are very able politicians that voters want.


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  1. November 12, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    […] why do I say this? Well, check out this excellent blog about how they VERY poorly failed to recognize disability as anything but a liability (if […]

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