Bill Kristol still crushing on Palin

On Fox News Sunday’s roundtable segment, Bill Kristol defends Sarah Palin’s supposed lack of knowledge of which countries are in NAFTA.  He defends her by saying which countries are in North America, which is a fair point, after all some people only say Mexico, USA, and Canada, describing those countries south of Mexico to Panama as part of Central America.

That point being said, NAFTA was passed in September 1993 and came into effect on January 1, 1994.  So for 14 years we have been in this agreement with only Canada and Mexico.  Since the state of Alaska, the state she is governor of, has only a land border with a foreign country, Canada, which happens to be one of the NAFTA partners, you would think she would know this.

So as Colin Powell pointed out Obama has an intellectual curiosity, and I feel that he thinks that Sarah Palin has a lack of intellectual curiosity and this is proof in my mind that she doesn’t really want to understand things.



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