I need this job!

Saw this post about health insurance over on Huffington Post, check it out for the full audio clip.

What I found most interesting is this quote from Sean Hannity:

HANNITY: I’m on the Fox Plan and the AFTRA Plan. I have no clue what insurance I have. I don’t have a special health care plan! I have the same plan that you do.

First of all, Hannity lists the two plans that he does have, but then goes on to say he doesn’t know what insurance he has.  Obviously, what he means is he doesn’t know what his insurance covers, which is understandable as he apparently has a 5 year radio contract for $100 million.  At that point he doesn’t need to worry much over what is and isn’t covered by his insurer.  Sadly, I didn’t have that luxury, when I went with the recommendation to get a dental implant, that was not covered by insurance, not even the crown portion of it, so 100% came out of pocket at a total cost of about $5,000.  To someone like me with more modest income, that is not insignificant, I do pay attention to what my health insurance covers, especially the dental side as I had accident with an elbow and my mouth that lead to the dental implant.  It means that I plan out when the surgery will happen to spread out the cost over two years, because I don’t make $20 million per year.  I am guessing most of you readers are in or close to my situation than to Hannity’s.

So for Hannity to go on about health insurance isn’t a right enshrined in the Constitution, maybe he should walk a day in the shoes of average Americans, not someone that doesn’t even need to bother to know what his insurance covers, because he doesn’t have to worry about it.



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