Tara Setmayer’s very narrow definition of pro-life

On this week’s episode of To The Contrary, Tara Satmeyer reinforces my theory that certain segments of the Republican party or as she identified her self as a Christian and a Conservative, are living in a world that includes an incredibly narrow defintion of what pro-life is.

I missed the very beginning of the discussion, but it seemed that it was about family planning, and families who have an unplanned pregnancy are having to choose abortion because they can’t afford to raise the children they already have.  Ms. Satmeyer, who is the Communications Director for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), ran with the standard that all life is sacred (makes me think of Monty Python) and in making her point talked about how people may need to forgo that large tv or four bedroom houses.  Irene Natividad was so angry, and rightfully so, at this dismissive comment about the economic challenges people are facing in this country.  You would think that Setmayer isn’t aware that we have increasing unemployment and a foreclosure crisis.

The conversation went on, and the most important point that was made, is that Setmayer and her boss consistently end their pro-life support when the children are born.  When the issue of feeding a child that is born into a family that may have otherwise choosen abortion, then the personal responsibility kicks in, that the family should “figure it out”, that means that the government is not responsible to help the family have food on the table – against food stamps and most forms of welfare (in a later segment she talked about the rampant fraud in the food stamp program).

Now personally, I can’t stand Setmayer, I really think that To The Contrary would be better served with other conservative, but rational voices on their panel.  I have made that comment before, and I will continue to make that comment.  If you watch this show and agree, you can contact them at  ttcviewers@yahoo.com.

Of course the struggle with seeking to have Setmayer’s voice off the program, is that it removes the perfect example of the rank hypocriscy of these Christian Conservatives regarding their supposed morals and values.  After all if you must insist that the family must have the child, but then turn around and say good luck on caring for that child, how can that be anything but hypocritical and morally bankrupt.

So as I have written before, even as a pro-choice advocate, I am far more pro-life than Ms. Setmayer will ever hope to be.




  1. Macy said,

    September 30, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Accountability is an important concept for Republicans.

  2. Josh said,

    October 2, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    @Macy – that is a pretty generic statement. Explain what you mean.

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