What is that called…..collusion??

Over at the Huffingtonpost there is an article on even more possible airline fees that may be forced onto passengers.  But this parargraph made me take notice,

Ideas for fees don’t come out of thin air. Last month in Miami most of the big U.S. carriers and many overseas airlines attended a conference devoted to a-la-carte pricing and fees. (Motto, next to a cartoon of an airliner: “Discovering the flying store.”)

So does that sound like this definition of collusion from wiki?

In the study of economics and market competition, collusion takes place within an industry when rival companies cooperate for their mutual benefit

And this is what we have from the US Department of Justice,

The competitive process only works, however, when competitors set prices honestly and independently. When competitors collude, prices are inflated and the customer is cheated. Price fixing, bid rigging, and other forms of collusion are illegal and are subject to criminal prosecution by the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice.

So I think they need to examine this “meeting” for possible collusion.


Health insurance question

You may think the Republican party is all about worshipping God, usually Judeo-Christian God. What you don’t realize is that something is worshipped equally or more feverently in the Republican pantheon is the full belief and trust in the sanctity of the free market.

What does this have to be the health care? Well unfortunately, the trust in the free market leads to a mistaken belief that our health care system is fundamentally sound, provided you have insurance!

In fact that belief in the sanctity of the free market means that government competition, isn’t really competition, but interference. If the government insurance is all that bad, then why don’t these Republicans put or shut up. If the private market is superior, the government public option will fail.