Club 2030 Action Team

Tonight was the kick-off for the Club 2030 Action Team.  This is the grassroots marketing effort by the SPCO to reach 20-39 year olds, the folks eligible for Club 2030

The great thing about this idea is that using the passion of Club 2030 members who want to support the SPCO and help them expand their audience.  Really tapping into fact that we know we have a great deal and appreciate (and want to share it widely).

The people in attendance were a nice mix of people.  Gender wise pretty evenly matched.  There were a number of SPCO staff, many from marketing, participating.  In the introductions there were a number of people that seemed to be employed in the marketing field (maybe be a little professional development).  They also had Bernhard Scully, principal horn involved, not just for the introduction, but for the whole process, which was nice to see.

Overall this was a good process.  There were a lot of great ideas.  The group will get together in late August, to work on action, not just ideas.  They will be meeting four times a year.  If you want to get involved with this, post a comment and I will connect you with the staff.

I still feel that Club 2030 is the best deal in town for classical music, free to sign up (so click here and just do it), can get best seats available (up to $50+ tickets) for only $10 each for Ordway or Ted Mann concerts.  There are some other programs with Minnesota Orchestra and Minnesota Opera that cost money to join and give you more of an experience.  But you can make your own experience with the saved money from the great Club 2030 deals, maybe dinner at POP!! before hand and great appetizer deals at Kincaid’s bar after the show (on nights when the MN Wild didn’t play at the Xcel).  Plus there were ideas to make it more of an experience, we will have to wait and see what ideas they might incorporate into the Club 2030 program in the future.  Don’t worry, I will share more as it happens.



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