2009 TIFF movie one, The Happiest Girl in the World

So my first movie of the 2009 TIFF was The Happiest Girl in the World.  The movie starts out pretty slowly paced and never really speeds up.  I am not sure I had seen a Romania film before, so wasn’t sure what to expect.  The slow pacing wasn’t expected, but no slower than many of the Nordic films I have seen over the years.

Far and away it was the weakest of the three movies I saw today, a feeling shared by my friends Atixhe and Chris, and also expressed by movie goer Kim that I met during If I Knew What You Said.  Not that it is a bad movie, but the pacing was slow, there were a few funny points, but really it is a family drama shown through the making of a TV commercial.

One other thing about the movie, that was true about Shameless also, sometimes the background was too light for the subtitles, in general I am a fan of yellow subtitles as these white ones would occasionally get washed out.

I really don’t have much more to say about it other than it wasn’t bad, but least favorite of today’s three movies.



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