2009 TIFF movie two, Shameless

So my second movie of the 2009 TIFF was Czech film Shameless.  After the slowly paced The Happiest Girl in the World, this movie was vast improvement.  The pacing was faster, and the story line while still a family drama, was far more humorous.


So the movie introduces us to married couple Ozkar and Zuzana.  One day Oskar seems to realize that his wife Zuzana has larger than average size nose, and proceeds to fall out of love with her.  Ozkar than resorts to sleeping with their Hungarian au pair Kocicka.  He begs off a skiing trip with the family and another couple so he can have sex with Kocicka.  When bad weather in the mountians leads to his family’s talk of coming home early, he uses his position as a TV weatherman to make false predications of good weather to keep his week of sex going.

An intercepted text message about Kocicka’s turtle which she left at their place is how Zuzana learns of Oskar’s infidelity.  She proceeds to kick Oskar out of the house.  Oskar also gets fired from his job as a TV weatherman.  He continues to see Kocicka, lives in a very run down apartment, and gets a job as a safety driver (riding his gas powered bike to drivers how are too drunk to drive).

During the course of this we learn that his parent’s are not that fond of him, but  like Zuzana a lot and continue to have a good relationship with her.  Her father in law is quite funny, and a bit off, his scenes with his grandson are little unexpected gems.

Zuzana who is not shameless, meets a nice divorced single father when her son gets stuck in a slide in the park.  While worried about her nose, what drove Oskar away, her new beau says it is wonderful.  Her insecurity extends to an invitation to go swimming when she goes from wearing her robe to quickly hoping into the pool.  Not that it deters his attraction to her.

Meanwhile Oskar continues his relationship with Kocicka who doesn’t share his interest in cultural events.  In a restaurant scene she shows a new age side when she is upset that her turtle has died, inadvertantly at Oskar’s hand.  After her outburst, a national singing celebrity, Nora, asks Oskar if it was worth it, hours of arguments for 10 minutes of sex.

The relationship between Oskar and Kocicka trails off and he begins one with Nora who happens to be 25 years his senior.  While Oskar’s relationships are shifting, Zuzana’s deepens with her new beau.  Climaxing when she brings him and his daughter over to meet with her in laws.  Her mother in law sets up a situation so that they sleep together for the first time.  The funniest part of that is when he mistakenly thinks they are her parents, and when she says they aren’t he realizes they are her in laws.

Oskar continues to see Nora, even getting on TV in a duet with her.  He drinks with her sons, who are also alcoholics.   But eventually she ends the relationship at the morgue when her ex-husband dies, Oskar asks of what, and she replies “old age.”

I won’t tell you how the movie ends, but it is a bit of justice for Oskar who is truly shameless.

This movie had a lot of great comedy and was very enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend it.



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