2009 TIFF movie five, Jennifer’s Body

So on my second day at TIFF, my second movie was Jennifer’s Body.  This movie is being released September 18, 2009, so I saw it less than week before it’s release date.  You may have seen the commericals for it, and I will have a trailer at the end.

If you have seen or heard anything about this movie, you know that it is about Jennifer’s Body, and Jennifer is played by Megan Fox.  You may also recognize Amanda Seyfried from Mean Girls or Big Love, she plays Jennifer’s BFF Needy.  The commercials would have you think that this is all about Jennifer, who is the central character of this story, but it is really about Needy.


Basically Jennifer convinces Needy to come to a concert by Low Shoulder at local place.  A fire starts during the concert, basically killing most of the people there, the band escapes, including lead singer, Nikolai played by Adam Brody of The OC fame, plus Jennifer and Needy.  Jennifer seems in shock and gets in a van with the Low Shoulder band.  They take her and sacrifice her to satan so they can be a successful independent band (that is a later scene with flashback).  They think that Jennifer is a virgin, but because she isn’t she becomes a demon that needs to feed on human flesh.

The rest of the story shows her killing to feed her inner demon, Needy realizing things are seriously wrong with her BFF, and Needy finally confronting Jennifer.

Now I am leaving out some details and some great funny lines, because if you don’t know them, they will still bring you some surprises.  I found many of the lines to be quite funny.  The one you probably have seen is about Jennifer being really evil, not just high school evil.  I suspect this is due to Diablo Cody’s writing, but because I haven’t seen Juno, I can’t really confirm that it is her wit coming through during the movie.

My friend Dave was worried that the movie would be a bust because of the heavy advertising before I left for TIFF.  I don’t know that I would classify this a great horror flick, or spoof horror flick, but it was a very fun movie and I have no regrets about seeing it.

The programmer for the Midnight Madness (this is the first of three Midnight Madness films, the others being The Loved Ones and Bitch Slap) highlighted the fact that this was a movie written by a woman and directed by a woman, Karyn Kusama.  He hoped their would be more in the future.  Here is Karyn during Q&A.

Karyn Kusama

And the trailer:



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