2009 TIFF movie six, Timetrip: The Curse of the Viking Witch

To close out my second day at TIFF I saw Timetrip: The Curse of the Viking Witch or Vølvens Forbandelse in Danish.  This was my first Sprockets Family Zone movie, in other words a kid and family friendly movie.  I have to say, that it was a family friendly movie, and it was weird seeing kids in the audience, as everything else that isn’t Sprockets, is only 18 and up as films are unrated.


The movie is about a Valdemar and Lille who are brother and sister.  Valdemar has some friends, but isn’t really applying himself.  Lille is younger and smarter, but she really doesn’t have any friends (maybe like a Lisa Simpson).  We get a Risky Business like situation, the parents are out of town, and Valdemar takes out the new car, picks up his friends and crash it.  Not only does he damage a new car, but he doesn’t have a license.

A far less adultion situation (no prostitutes) solution presents itself to Valdemar’s need for money to repair the car.  He meets Benedict, an physicists who has solved time travel and is immortal.  Benedict was made immortal by a Viking Witch who loved him, and he loved also.  The spell which she cast to cure his mortal wounds separated the crucifix from Christ, if they are ever reunited he will become mortal.  Because Benedict existed in the past, he can’t go back in time.  Benedict has money which Valdemar needs, so he agrees to go back in time to solve Benedict’s problem by recovering the crucifix as he still has the Christ part.  Lille follows him and ends up back in time with Valdemar searching for the crucifix.

They are able to track the crucifix over time, traveling back multiple times trying to retrieve it.  Unfortunatley the immortality spell managed to cover the Witch who the kids encounter through time and she manages to thrawt their attempts to recover the crucifix.


I liked the movie, it was enjoyable and well suited to kids.  I am not sure about having kids watch a subtitled movie, but my friend Atixhe pointed out that the the words were fairly simple, that a younger child should be able to read them without to much difficulty.

Here is a trailer in Danish without subtitles:



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