The impossible world of Republican Jeopardy

Do you know why there will never be Republican Jeopardy? It isn’t because the may not have the IQ to provide questions to the answers. The problem is every answer is “tax cut” and they never know which question that answer applies to.

Moderator: the answer is tax cuts.
Moderator: Yes, Grover Norquist.
Grover Norquist: what to do when the economy has slow growth?
Moderator: that is not the answer we are looking for this time. Moderator: Yes, Newt Gingrich.
Newt Gingrich: what is the best way to share sacrifice during a war? Moderator: also not the answer we were looking for.
Moderator: Yes, Samuel…I mean Joe the Plumber
Joe the Plubmer: what I need to have the tax lien removed from my house?
Moderator: No, that is not the answer we are looking for, but if you
happen to win you might be able to pay off that lien.
Moderator: Yes, Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin: what will make me able to see Russia from my house?
Moderator: not the answer. How the heck would you be able to see Russia from your house because of a tax cut?




  1. hoboduke said,

    November 1, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    There will never be a Democrat Jeapordy. Every answer is “Bush did it!”

    • Josh said,

      November 1, 2009 at 5:59 pm


      Nice to see you following Rush’s lead from Fox New Sunday this morning, Democrat instead of Democratic.

      Did you see me mention Bush here? Only one of my made up answers could easily tied to him, cutting taxes during wartime.

      And to confess, I could have said the answer is free market or personal responsibility. The Republics….oops I mean Republicans, have a few more talking points than just cutting taxes. but that one seems to be the answer to a majority of America’s problems.

      I blame many things on Bush, but from the progressive side of the party, I have plenty that I blame corporate Democrats on, especially free trade, talk about handing over our sovereignty (far worse than being part of the UN in my view).


  2. hoboduke said,

    November 1, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    The only sovereign is Machbeth prince “lefty” the President. He is confused as he chases ghosts of Bush on the parapets of his castle. He sees the ghost Tricky Dick as he wanders the hallways lamenting the curses of the past administration. Have you heard him say often “Let me make this clear!” He is possessed by the words of the dead coming from his mouth. This is a Shakespeare tragedy we are witnessing.

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