Juan Williams firing

Here are some interesting thoughts about NPR’s firing of Juan Williams.

First, conservatives tend to put the rights of the employer above the rights of the worker. But, this fits into the narrative of Muslim bashing and claims of political correctness/victimization, which trumps employers rights, especially when the employer is a “liberal” bogeyman.

Second, Williams prefaced his comments by saying he is not a bigot and talks about his authorship of civil rights books as an example. Yet, don’t conservatives often claim the reverse racism of African-Americans towards white Americans? But since this bigotry is not directed at whites, it isn’t really racism, especially since Muslims are increasingly the target of hatred in America (which unfortunately makes it seem acceptable and mainstream).

Just seeing Juan Williams on Fox and Friends he admitted what was painfully obvious to anyone who has a clue about the range of the liberal-conservative spectrum, that he isn’t that liberal. Yet on Fox News he is portrayed as the “liberal” point of view.

But before you get too upset over Williams treatment by NPR, keep in mind that he just got $2 million contract over three years. Which works out to $55,555 per month, which is more than I make in a year.

I am not saying they should hire me, but I would be willing to put up with the frustration of talking to many of the pinheads on Fox News at that pay scale. Plus, I would give them a more liberal point of view than Williams normally does.



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