What if Juan Williams had been in a union?

This is a little follow up to the whole Juan Williams bigoted comments leading to his firing by NPR.

For those comic lovers out there, you may remember the comic series What if….?, so here is the real world version.  As the movie Waiting for Superman (see comic connection) is raising the issue of bad teachers who are protected by unions from firing.  The question has to be asked, what if Juan Williams was in a union at NPR?  Would NPR be able to just fire him like they did?  Would Williams had the ability to go to his union rep to challenge the firing?  Would he still be working at NPR, albeit under tighter guidelines of his employer?

Of course, if he were in a union, would Fox News ever taken him on as a commentator since their unbalanced and often very unfair ideology is decidedly anti-union.



1 Comment

  1. MaryTreacy said,

    November 6, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    What of Obermann was in a union? (I don’t know that he isn’t for sure.)

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