More confusion on Rick Perry’s brain freeze

Last week Rick Perry had his famous brain freeze on which departments he would eliminate from the federal government.

Commerce, Education, and oops. He is offered Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which he says needs to be reformed. Later on he comes up with Energy. As a Republican from Texas, I am guessing he hates the EPA, and he is pro corporations in the energy sector (oil industry is huge in Texas). Why wouldn’t he get rid of the EPA and keep Energy? That just doesn’t make sense!


In Search of…a 7 foot doctor

Thanks to Think Progress we get to learn of more craziness from Michele Bachmann.

I suspect that this doctor is hanging out with the mom’s whose daughter became mentally retarded after taking the HPV vaccine, and also with Paul Bunyan and the Loch Ness monster.

I am also confused about how the doctor is prohibited from asking a person for their residential status, but have to get wait over 2 hours to get a number from the IRS to see someone.   So can’t ask one thing, but must have number to even see someone.

And a doctor would assign staff to wait with the IRS for the number.  If the part about the IRS was true, which it isn’t.

Maybe it should be in search of sanity or reality.


Biggest fan of Donald Trump’s presidential run

This is a little more catty than I usually post.  But I really think that Kim Jong-il is hoping that Donald Trump runs and wins the US presidency in 2012.  Why?  Well because then he wouldn’t be the world leader with the worst hair.  Lets face it, I think Trump has success because people are focused on his hairpiece and it distracts them from tough negotiations.  Maybe Trump would be a strong world leader, although I do worry about him trying to fire other word leaders he doesn’t like and that would be a diplomatic faux pas.

Of course the Kim Jong-il was really hoping for Don King, but he is less likely than Trump to be a candidate.