John McCain disses American families

On This Week this morning, he came out for (because he can’t come out against gay adoption) two parent (traditional=man and woman vs same sex) adoption.

So to the well over 100,000 children who have been adopted by single parents, apparently your parent and your family doesn’t fit his world view of what is best, I think it is an insult.

Of course that doesn’t count the over 20,000 children a year that “age out” of the foster care system.  These are children that exit foster care without parents, they may not have a place to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas, may not have an adult to call and share their successes or have a sympathetic ear when they struggle, or someone to be there when on their wedding day or birth of their child.

Apparently he is no maverick on this issue.


Congratulation to California Same-Sex Newlyweds – 2 down, 48 to go

I want to congratulate those same-sex couples in California that are now enjoying a legal right that had been denied them, the right to marry in the eyes of the government.  I know this post may attract some hateful comments as I am sure there are some people who are so freakin’ intolerant in their self-righteous views that they have to spread that hatred and ignorance throughout the web.  But, for those of us advocating for equality, not just our GLBTQI members of society, but also their friends who don’t fall into to one of those categories, we need to be there for them, we need to celebrate the successes, we must share in the sadness at the setbacks, and we must stand up for their rights.

I really hope that this is like the beginning of a tsunami of equality that spreads throughout the US.  Now I will acknowledge that I am science geek, but think about a tsunami.  The first thing that happens is that the water near shore retreats, and along the horizon a small peak starts to form.  To me that water retreating is the numerous awful state constitution amendments that have been passed in the last decade “to clarify” to forbid certain US citizens their right to the pursuit of happiness, oh and equality.  That first little crest on the horizon is Massachusetts and California extending the right of marriage to same-sex couples.  The question is how long will it take for the wave to break and spread equality across the land and wash away much of the bigotry and intolerance that exists.

Now New York has taken a great first step, Governor David Paterson has instructed the various state agencies to examine rules and regulations to recognize same-sex marriages from other states.  But while, this is a great next step, there is a giant hurdle to equality, the federal government.

Thinking to my friends I see two huge parts of equality that need federal recognition.

  1. Citizenship
  2. Social Security Benefits

Citizenship-what about those same-sex couples where one is not a US citizen, how can they have equality if they aren’t allowed to start the process-first green card-due to marriage because the marriage isn’t recognized.

Social Security Benefits-there are benefits for spouses, especially Survivor’s benefits, so without access to these federal benefits, there is no equality.

We have made some steps forwards, and they are huge steps, not just in what they allow, but in providing hope for making that next step forward.  Until we have equality in all senses, we can’t become complacent.  One step I like to take is reclaiming the language.  I have been to a gay marriage and a lesbian marriage, they are not civil unions or commitment ceremonies, they are marriages.  On this issue I won’t accept compromising language, we have to share the language and not compromise for separate but eqaul language.

Pledge of Allegiance-“…with liberty and justice for all”