Question of the Day – July 11, 2008

Will Osmo Vanska show more composure if there is pre-mature applause tonight at the Day of Music than he did on June 12th?

The Sounds of Cinema Festival by the Minnesota Orchestra

Over the past few weeks the Minnesota Orchestra has had four different programs of orchestral music from cinema. I attended two of them.

I have always loved movie scores. It probably started with Fantasia which was basically animation to classical music. But I grew to love the music in many movies like the Mission, Last Temptation of Christ, Batman (score not soundtrack), and so many more. So when I heard about the festival, I had to go to some of them.

The first was the full silent movie City Lights by Charlie Chaplin. I am not sure I have ever seen any of his works other than short clips. This movie was quite magical. The score was very fun. The best part was watching the musicians turn to watch the movie when they had long breaks for their instrument.

The second concert was selected music from movie scores. The theme from Out of Africa was so very enjoyable. It is just great music. Philip Glass’ minimalist suite from The Hours was great and only Nyman’s music in Gattaca is better of minimalist scores. They placed the finale perfectly, because it would have been horrible any place else in the program. The finale was very energetic music from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Overall it was great to hear music from movie scores with a live orchestra.